Image Consulting


"Your Winning Outerimage"


Perception is reality.


    Most people suddenly realize how much they need an improved image when they don't get something because of it, such as a promotion or a new client.


  Style is the expression of your personality through your appearance. There is no single "best" style. If there were, I could simply give you a list of do's and don'ts that would apply in all circumstances. Everyone would dress alike and there would be no need for image consultants. But no single look is right for all situations. Even when people work in the same profession, they may express their unique personality through their style.


   I provide private in-depth coaching on image and personal development. I can help you find your own style, and express what is natural to you.


Your Outerimage can hold you back

                            or it can propel you forward.



Personal Development Needs

  Receive personal recommendations for an image with impact that will contribute to success in personal and social areas as well as and in professional or business meetings.

   These Work shops are informative, motivational, and entertaining; delivered in an upbeat, supportive environment that provides personal coaching and demonstration.



Dress appropriately for business, business casual or social.


Define how to incorporate your best personal image into the image of your corporate culture.


Identify points of self-sabotage and ways to avoid them.


Communicate confidence and establish credibility non-verbally.


Develop a positive body and self-image.


Choose from current fashions the styles that are appropriate for your body type.


Choose colours for wardrobe, hair and make up.


Identify what to look for in fit and quality to achieve the highest impact.


 Please Note:

  * You will be required to book a Free 15 Minute Preliminary Consultation.

* Work Shop Fees do not include Haircut/Colour, Nail Services or Skin Care Treatments, only recommendations are made.

 * Please see  Hair Care, Nail Care & Skin Care Pages for service and treatment fees.

50% Deposit is Required for First Time Clients



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Assessment Consultation

   This Consultation is necessary to assess your "Outerimages Needs". You will need to fill out confidential personal questionnaires to analyze your best options and make recommendations. All Fees will be discussed at the end of the Assessment.



Advanced Colour Analysis (90minutes)


       Do you know what colours are your "WOW" colours? In this Work Shop you will go beyond your seasonal palette and will learn everything you need to know about how colour can work for you in all the different aspects of your life. Colours and patterns play a big role in your wardrobe as well as in your hair and make up choices. You will also learn how to use colours to enhance your complexion with and without the aid of Make up. During the times you choose not to wear makeup, you can sometimes look sickly and pale while wearing the wrong colours. To avoid this, you can purchase your bed sheets, PJ's or swim suits in your best palette of colours with the aid of your own personal swatch book to compliment you.


Outerimages' Personal Style & Image

   Your Outerimages' Personal Style & Image includes Colour Analysis, individual coaching, critique of clothing (up to 25 of your best pieces), taking measurements, determining body type, and discussion of appropriate styles in your personal colour palette. This Work Shop includes in-depth topics that will include hairstyle/colour critique, discussion of facial shape, skin care, cosmetic corrections, and assessing new styles incorporating your "WOW" colours. To include with this work shop, is the discussion of accessorizing pointers involving jewelery, scarves, handbags, briefcases, hose and shoes. Just using different styles or sizes of jewelery can make imperfections disappear. 



Your Outerimage ...The Complete Package!   

    The Full Day includes Outerimages' Personal Style & Image, Colour Analysis, and Personal Shopping.


   Shopping is many peoples' favorite pastime. But for many others the challenge of schlepping through store after store, looking through crowned racks to find something that fits both their size and price range, is anything but fun.  If this is you, you don't have to go out there alone. A professional Image Consultant with skill and expertise will help you find flattering clothes that fit your current lifestyle and guide you how to shop for your unique body style and budget range. This shopping experience eliminates impulse buys and will keep you focused.




Your Outerimage ... The Total Image Make Over!    

    This Total Image Make Over includes Outerimages' Personal Style & Colour Analysis.  To complete your signature look, Services & Spa Treatments will be performed for you, which include Hair Care (hair cut/style, colour & highlights), Nail Care (Spa Manicure & Spa Pedicure with Nail art of choice), as well as Skin Care (Deep Cleanse Facial),  the Perfect Eyebrow and Make up application. To reward you for all of your hard work, we also will treat you with a 1/2 hr Hot Stone Massage!




In-home Closet Audit

    The closet is more than a dark hole where you dump your shoes and stand waiting for inspiration every morning. It is the place where outfits are built and where the proper organization can set the tone for a productive day.  A In-home Closet Audit does not mean you will have to throw every piece of clothing you own out. Many items can be tailored to fit you and as well as compliment your best features and minimize your worst. But Yes, you may have to say good bye to a few old classics that have no place in your life anymore. This evaluation of your clothing is also necessary to make recommendations for future purchase of items needed to complete your signature look.

Please note: You may need to invest in closet organizers that will stack and/or hang items to maximize the space and efficiency of your area.









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  * You will be required to scedual a Free 15 Minute Preliminary Consultation.

* Work Shop Fees do not include Haircut/Colour, Nail Services or Skin Care Treatments, only recommendations are made.

 * Please see  Hair Care, Nail Care & Skin Care Pages for service and treatment fees.