Sorry to say that I am now retired and now relocated to Innisfil Ontario. I have have had 30 years of wonderful life in this industry. Please enjoy the site while it is up as a resource. hope you like it :)

I will be only hosting One Stroke classes Live and Online

    Welcome to the website of Outerimages Studio & Academy. This educational website is available to aid you in making choices, on how you would like your "Outerimage"  to be portrayed, to yourself and to others. Whether it is to reflect a look that is casual, sporty, romantic, dramatic, classy or career related.

    I also hope to inspire other Technicians like myself and to attract new talent to a most rewarding future.

 It is a personal taste.

   To know what ones options are...

...is to know where the limits start.

What will you do with your Outerimage?

   Explore this site and see...

          Outerimages Service and Treatment Menus are separated in the following sections:

     Hair Care... featuring  Hair Colour, Perms, Homecare Products and 100%  Human  Hair   Extensions.


    Nail Care... featuring the latest in Nail Services and "The Largest Variety of Nail Art".


    Skin Care... from the newest wave in Eyelash Extensions, Hot & Cold Stone Therapy and creating the Best Eyebrow.


  Also there are many pages for FAQ's. Know all you should know about the Beauty Industry. Here you will find many helpful tips in many different beauty topics, this may help you if you are having any problems, or entice you to  change what you have.


  Most people suddenly realize how much they need an improved image when they don't get something because of it, such as a promotion or a new client. Outerimages Studio provides in-depth coaching on Image and personal development to individuals and corporations.


     In the Gallery, there are photographs of Outerimages' clients, showing the variety of services and treatments that are performed. 


   My Bio pages were created to share how I have progressed through this amazing career.


    There are always a variety of events and specials posted in The Outerimage News.


  Please see my Links page for highly recommended resources to visit or call that Outerimages supports.


   Please go to the Contact page to email any inquires, concerns, and for Salon Hours and Policies.


   When it comes to fashion, hair care and personal grooming, people today are more image conscious than ever. Whether you're trying to make an impression on a date, or during an interview for that killer job you've been after, or just looking your best, I will help you achieve Your Outerimage Goal.

  Beauty has an endless road of turns. The Beauty Industry is forever changing to keep up with the latest trends and styles. With those changes come new products and techniques.  My Goal is to provide my clients with the highest quality services in a relaxing, safe and sanitary environment. Constant continuing education keeps me on top of the latest trends in the industry with colours and styles; as well as utilizing the highest quality, professional approved products available for healthy hair, nails and skin.

     Sharing this passion with others has been my biggest reward. See my Academy page, for more info.

         I would like give a special thank you to all the sources that have been available to make this site possible. 


A Free 15 minute Consultation

                                   is my responsibility,

And your right to receive.


All consultations, services and treatments

are by appointment only.


Thank you for understanding!




Your  Outerimage Consultant, Beautician,

Nail Care Specialist & Educational Director

                          Amanda L Schison  


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