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Sorry to say that I am now retired and now relocated to Innisfil Ontario. I have have had 30 years of wonderful life in this industry. Please enjoy the site while it is up as a resource. hope you like it :)

I will be only hosting One Stroke classes Live and Online


*A Credit card Will be required to reserve

 Your first service or treatment over the phone.

50% Deposit is Required for First Time Clients

Please Call for a FREE Consultation!



   Outerimages has been a Regular One Stop Beauty Shop available for our "VIP" Clients for over 20 years. With this large client list, we currently need up to 2 weeks notice to book your appointment.


Please note:

 To maximize your pampering time it is recommended that you do not bring your children to the Studio.

If it is absolutely necessary to do so, then your children must be accompanied by another Adult other than yourself.



By Appointment Only


New Studio Policies - 2014

 1)  This V.I.P Membership is ONLY for loyal clients. These clients are always on time, never miss appointments, always give more than 2 business days notice to reschedule appointments, and are on an active maintenance program.


Example: You are required to call on Thursday to cancel or change Tuesday Appointments. (Appointments more than 4 hours require 1 weeks notice)


 Please realize this is a privilege that if you do not uphold your part of the V.I.P agreement,   repeated offences will now result in demotion and/or termination of your Status.


   Reasons to lose your status and/or to be demoted for:

(more than 3 incidents of any of the following)

 - Constant Late

- Not enough notice to Reschedule - “No Shows”

- Missing Maintenance Appointments


2) Please remember we strictly need at least 2 business days to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

  Although we sympathize with illness and family emergencies, we cannot be responsible for any last minute cancellations or "No Shows”. 

   As of June 6, 2014, Cancellations made without the courtesy of 48 hours notice will be charged 50% of the Service Price.

  Missed appointments ("No Shows") will be charged the Full Service Price.

   All clients are now required to have a credit card on file and will be automatically charged for not complying. Unfortunately, exceptions to this policy are not permitted.

  Please also note: If you are late, your service will be shortened but you will be charged the full service price.

 3) Standing Appointments Privileges are only for those who never change their appointments. Those who change more than 3 appointments in 1 calendar year, will lose their time slot. Please Note: We now require a minimum 1 week notice to Reschedule Standing  Appointments.



               We take your needs very seriously,

                                    All we ask is for You to understand Our's.



Thank you for Understanding.


Let Us Help You with Your Special Day!


3 - 6 Months in Advance for "Wedding Parties"

Consultation & Trials are Mandatory



Send all Inquires to




* Cash or A Credit card Will be required to reserve

 Your first service or treatment


50% Deposit is Required for First Time Clients

Please Call for a FREE Consultation!

Your co-operation in this matter is greatly appreciated