Outerimage Consultant, Beautician,

Nail Care Specialist & Educational Director

Amanda L Schison 



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    Amanda is the Owner/Operator and Educational Director of Outerimages Studio & Academy in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. In this role, Amanda provides all aspects of the beauty industry, including on-going training and product knowledge that surpass above and beyond. Amanda is no stranger to the beauty industry, drawing on over 25 years of experience, yet she constantly focuses on keeping up with the latest trends and styles.  Amanda has obtained professional and advanced certifications in Hairstylist, Nail Care Specialist, Makeup Artistry, Eyelash Extension Artist, "The Best Brow" and Waxing Specialist, as well as Image Consulting and Colour Analysis throughout the last 2 decades.

      In 2005, Amanda took a Certified Educator Program at TONi (The Ontario Nail Institute) and is a valuable asset to the TONi Team still today. In 2009, she had also expanded in an with INM (International Nail Manufactures) in Victoria B.C. to get certify as a Product and Electric Filing Educator to add to her list of credentials. Her main focus is to raise higher standards and awareness, fine-tune skills and teach new techniques with the most thorough hands-on training and the highest quality products available in the beauty industry. 

  Amanda has numerous published articles in NAILS Magazine including, “Why we would give Nail Art Away for Free” and “How to get Guys in the Salon”, "Safe E-Filing Demo's", among others. Since 2006 her original Nail Art Designs have been showcased over a dozen times in the NAILS Magazine and she was also chosen to represent Canada in an article showcasing “Nail Art all over the World” in Scratch Magazine. In 2008, she participated in judging the Toronto ABA Nail Competitions and received a certificate of appreciation for lending her time and expertise.

  In 2007, Amanda travelled to Vegas for Brazilian and Body Waxing and Eyebrow Design Master Trainer certification. She has been known to travel at any length to obtain unique knowledge and skills. Amanda has always taken pride in her work and gives 110% at all times. She states ``Always be passionate about the treatments you offer and don’t be afraid to stand out from your competition``.

   Amanda has also been a part of the evolution of changes in the Eyelash Extension industry throughout the last 15 years. From Strip Lashes to then Cluster Lashes with thick adhesives that were lucky to stay on up to 2 weeks to beautiful natural individual Classic and now New Russian Volume Eyelashes that last up to 5-8 weeks! Her techniques, tips, tricks and secrets are collected from all over the world and now customized throughout her training sessions, with quality lashes, and adhesives. In addition to remaining committed to stay on top of new developments and continuing her skills, Amanda is also committed on building strong relationships with her students with on-going support.

  In her down time, Amanda enjoys a quiet weekend at home with her 18 year old son, Gunner and their 2 Cats.

Click Here to see Amanda's Accomplishments  

Also here to learn how she started out.



Click Here to see Amanda's Accomplishments  

Also here to learn how she started out.